About Me

Hi!   My name is Baroness Violet von Mickelsburg.  Or, no, actually, it isn't.  It's Kim Ryser.  Probably.  I answer to most things: Kim, Baroness, Violet, Corset Lady, whatever.

In 2010 I found myself not working due to an ongoing back condition.  I decided I wanted to put together some steampunk outfits for my husband and myself to attend our first con.  Our first outfits were cobbled together from thrift store bits and cheap ebay pieces.  We thought we might only wear them once, or maybe once a year.  Two week later we were at our next con with slightly upgraded outfits.

It's just expanded from there.  I conquered my fear of the sewing machine and started making clothing from scratch and discovered I loved it.  A year later I made my first corset, which still fits me great.  I started selling sewing patterns and costume items to help fund this disease of steam and my business continues to expand as my skills do.

This blog was originally started just as a place to document my steampunk projects and share what I was learning with others.  It's mostly still the same, but I hope I also offer good resources and tutorials to the steampunk costumer.  You may also note I'm slightly obsessed with corsets: wearing them, making them, talking about them....yeah, it's a passion.

When I'm not sewing or vending or prancing around in funny clothes I'm playing a lot of video games and reading, usually flat on my back to recover from all the prancing.  I live in the middle of the woods with my husband of 12 years and our four cats.

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  1. Am looking forward to using your patterns...my hubby and I went with rented costumes as Mr. & Mrs. Fezziwig to our company Christmas celebration, to the awe and delight of all of our employees! Thank you for being here! Our next year's outfits will be more fun and we will get to keep them!