Sunday, June 11, 2017

New Steampunk Cosplay Patterns

Cosplay by McCall's has several new patterns that are a little interesting.

Foot Fetish: Gilded is a collection of "bootcovers" or spat-type accessories.  There are three versions: the cover style with straps and pleated trim, a pair with ruched fabric front and corset lacing in back, and some filigree low-top covers that go around the ankle.  They're all written to be made in synthetic leather with fabric trim and jewelry findings.

The instructions are pretty good at showing how to attach the pieces together, install eyelets and buckles, use blanket stitch to decorate and secure layers.

The main question about this pattern is whether it's really necessary.  The only one of the three designs I really like is the low-top cut-out one. I would probably leave the ruffle off it, though.  All of these are one-size-fits-all because they only cover the front of the boot/shoe and just have straps or lacing in the back.

And since I can't imagine many people wanting to exactly recreate these styles, if you're going to be adapting these to suit your outfit, it would be pretty easy to make your own basic front shape and decorate it as you wish.  So I can't see many people really would feel the need to buy this pattern.  Am I wrong? Is this pattern more useful than it seems?

Hand-Eye Coordination is a pattern for four different glove styles and three different eye patches and finger armor claws.  The "leather" portions are faux leather fused to cloth with fusible web.

The instructions in this pattern are actually pretty good at showing how to attach the various pieces using rivets, blanket stitch edging, and jewelry findings.  There is a paragraph encouraging using found objects to embellish the eyepatch in an individual style.

I do like some of the gloves, like the fabric gloves with laced bracer covering the wrists.  The claws aren't my style and I wonder how well they would hold up since they are just held together with interfacing.

But if you prefer you could use these patterns with actual leather, stitching or riveting it together mostly in the same way.

So whether this pattern appeals to you is mostly a matter of style, I think.  It also works as a plain glove pattern, so that could have uses in other types of costuming.

Becoming Emelie is a lolita style pattern for a bonnet, circular purse, and cape with tufted shoulders.  I love the bonnet, and I don't know that there's another commercial pattern for this style of hat. The pattern uses thick sew-in interfacing and the wire from a wire hanger to stiffen the hat.  That would probably work pretty well.  I especially love the gathered lining.

The purse zips closed and has a chain strap.  It uses batting for padding.  I'm not sure how sturdy the finished bag would be, but it is cute.

The cape is a really nice shape, short in the front and longer and full in the back.  It is fully lined and has lace edging.  The shoulders are tufted and beaded.  Personally I'm not wild about the shoulders, but you could leave that off the cape easily.

Finally the pattern includes a pattern and instructions for making fabric roses to decorate the bonnet and purse.  I love these kind of details and they look fun to make with scraps.

So I think this is another excellent lolita pattern from this brand, and one you probably definitely want if you make lolita outfits.  The cape would be great for steampunk, and with some different embellishments the bonnet and bag could as well.

Red Reign is a pattern by Ichigo Black that includes a corset, bolero, hoop and skirt.  This is one I didn't get a review copy of, so I can't say how the instructions are.  Which is too bad given it's a corset.  I did like the previous patterns by Ichigo Black, though.

I like the style, especially the jacket, skirt and hoops.  The corset is almost a bustier since it's so short and straight.  I would probably just use a different corset pattern that's curvier and extends further onto the hips.  (I like the corsets in this same pattern line as one option.)

Finally there is Eventide, which includes two different jackets with puffed shawl collars.

Without checking this strikes me as a design that looks like it's from Once Upon a Time.  Except for the collar, the cover version is just a nice feminine version of a frock coat and would work well for any pirate-themed outfit.  It could also work for a variety of different cosplays.

The shorter version is a little plainer, more of a bodice with the only really noticeable elements being the collar and the giant sleeves.  In both versions, I really hate the puffed collar.  I would automatically replace it with something more normal looking.

So I think the first version of this coat has a lot of possibilities for cosplay, steampunk, pirate, or goth wear.  (Minus the collar.  Sorry, I hate it.)

(In the interest of full disclosure I was provided review copies of these patterns at no cost.)


  1. I hate that collar on 'Eventide', too, but I bought the pattern anyway, hoping I can replace it with a regular collar of some sort. I was even wondering how it would look if the pattern was just used without puffery in it. I sort of hate the sleeves on the purple version, too. Maybe if they weren't shiny satin they would appeal to me more!

    1. Yeah I had the same thought about using the puffed collar with no puff.