Friday, February 17, 2017

Simplicity Spring Patterns

Simplicity has released their new Spring pattern catelog.  And as usual there's enough for me to discuss.

First off there's this pattern for 4 different styles of hats, all of which could work for steampunk. There's a very standard top hat, a Mad Hatter style top hat, a tricorn and a large brimmed hat.  Reading the pattern info, it seems the pattern calls for wire and standard fusible interfacing.  So I assume it's the wire giving these hats shape since there no buckram holding them stiff.  Looking at the photos closely, you can see they they may look a bit soft in places.  The top of the top hat looks a bit saggy, for example.  So this may be a good cheap source of a hat pattern, but you may not be completely satisfied with the finished result if you're comparing it to a store bought hat.

Then there's this slightly odd pattern for a lace skirt and blouse in two styles.  It's kind of hippie-goth in style, but I'm including it because the blouse as pictured here would work pretty well for steampunk.

Next is this more cosplay-oriented pattern for a "Fantasy Ranger."  While it definitely comes off more fantasy and video game character-esque than steampunk in the picture, some of the pieces could be used for steampunk fairly effectively.  There's a (fairly straight) corset, and a pretty nice neck corset.  Plus there's instructions to make the arm/should armor piece.  So I do like it and think some of y'all might be interested.

Finally I just have to point out a weird thing where Simplicity has apparently taken the same pattern and listed it twice under different numbers.  Patterns 8364 and 8365 appear to include the exact same pieces of lace accessories and a fascinator, but 8364 is white for bridal and 8365 is styled retro.  I'm not very impressed with the patterns in either case, but it made me giggle to notice they were totally the same.

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  1. Nice post- I don't think I'm tempted by any of these rather limp offerings, although I quite like the 'ranger' look. MAybe that weird double numbering is because so many people lack imagination in the way they use patterns these days? I mean, not noticing that they are paying out good money for very generic shapes and styles, just because they have been dressed up to look steampunk or whatever?