Wednesday, November 23, 2016

A few new patterns of interest

So I was just getting prepped for Black Friday, as you do, and noted that Joann's sale starts tomorrow and they have Simplicity patterns on sale 5 for $5.  I brought in a large haul of Simplicity patterns in the last sale but I had to go look for new ones...

And there are some of note.

This is another design by Lori Ann Designs, and I pretty much love it.  There's a nice gothic lolita version and more pirate lolita (Is that a thing?  It should be a thing.) version.  Honestly, I have nothing to nitpick on these.

The jacket on either version could work great for steampunk, but honestly you could wear either of these to a steampunk event as-is and no one would kick you out.  (I mean, ok, they wouldn't anyway, but you know what I mean.) It's hard to figure out exactly what all the pieces of these are from the drawings, but it looks like there are two skirts and a bustle you could mix and match with.

I was recently digging through my pattern stash to look at the cape options I had and this is a nice one for a couple of lengths of short capes.  I was snuggled into my full-length wool cloak at my last event and said I wish cloaks would come back into acceptable fashion because it's basically a wearable blanket.  Maybe all the cape patterns I've seen recently is a sign that wearable blankets are back.

This one is from Butterick, and it's very obvious they are going for a Phryne Fisher look with this jacket and jodhpur set.  So that's 1920's, a little modern for traditional steampunk, but with the right accessories or a more Victorian bodice, it could work.  I like that these jodhpurs have contrast patches on the inside of the thighs and aren't as extreme in the hip pouf as some others.

(And by the way if you haven't watched the Australian series Miss Fisher's Mysteries, you MUST.)

I'll also note that Simplicity has released a slew of vintage patterns of styles from the 1930s-1970s, if any of those decades are your thing.

There are also several new patterns in the Cosplay by McCall's line, including a couple I really like, but that's going to be it's own post, probably next week after the holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Americans!

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