Tuesday, July 26, 2016

McCall's New Steamy Patterns - Early Fall

M7439 - Misses Gathered Skirts and Flared Skirts with Belt - This is a cute little pattern with several skirt variations.  There are versions with and without a tier, with a high-low hem, large patch pockets, and the shaped waistband with or without decorative buttons.  It's the waistband that makes this steamy and while not quite full enough for true Lolita still gives it a steampunk lolita feel.  
M7457 - Men's Embellished Jacket, Pull-On Pants, and Cravat.  So this seems to be the first pattern from a VJ Dunraven Productions pattern line.  If, like me, you're wondering who VJ Dunraven Productions is, they apparently shoot romance novel covers?  And now they make patterns?  I have to share that information with you, because I want to inspire the slightly bemused reaction in you that it caused in me.
This pattern is very costume-y.  That's an insult in historical clothing circles, fyi.  I'm not sure this is really accurate to any particular historical period, though it's vaguely Regency and vaguely early Victorian.  If you were to wear this to most historical costume events, I'm afraid it wouldn't be much of a success.  The construction of the costume is also very theatrical.  The pants are pull-on with an elastic waist and faux buttoned front.  The jacket velcros shut and all the buttons are merely decorative.  It's an effect that can be very effective in photos or stage, but tends to look fake in person.  
But this is a steampunk blog, and I'm not at all married to historical accuracy in either style or practicalities.  I personally would probably try to modify the top to have some kind of functional closure because velcro annoys me.  It seems to always LOOK fake and cheap when worn, though it's certainly practical for theatrical purposes.  But I think this could be used style-wise for a steampunk costume, certainly.  The pants definitely would be a useful addition to most steampunk gent's wardrobes.  (But if you have a fake drop front you can't use that flap for what my husband uses his for: holding a flask.  Protip right there.)

The cravat is a Regency style long cravat that is meant to be worn as pictured, wrapped once entirely around the throat and then tied on the second wrapping.  

M7456 - Misses' Seamed Jacket, Stirrup pants, and Cape - So this appears to be yet another Once Upon a Time costume pattern from McCall's, who has already done two patterns inspired by the costumes of the show.  I thought I'd just point it out, and the jacket could work for steampunk, but I don't think this is a must-have pattern or anything.  
Finally, the latest "wave" of Cosplay by McCall's patterns are out and only one of them has real steampunk interest: Spectral.  It's a version of a costume from the film Crimson Peak.

 I like it, but I'm not sure how much it translates to a useful generic steampunk costume.  It's a nice Victorian nightgown though.  And maybe the outer gown could be modded a bit, too.  If you like leg-o-mutton sleeves, this is for you.   :)

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