Tuesday, June 28, 2016

New Patterns of Interest - Steampunk and DC and Doctor Who

Hi guys!

I've had a lot going on both personally and professionally.  I have had a stream of corset commissions, which is GREAT, but it's kept me busy in the studio.  I haven't had a chance to do much sewing for myself or work on any new cosplays or designs.

There are two newer Cosplay by McCall's patterns out, but only one of them is going to be of much interest for steampunk.

And that is Notched, a men's Victorian styled overcoat.

It's an attractive coat.  But I have to say that I think it's a bit of a cheat to call this two views.  It's the same exact coat, with the same exact button placement and pockets and everything else.  The only difference is that one has a contrast binding and one does not.  So the pattern is exactly the same but the instructions are slightly different.
The back is really nice looking as well.  The skirt is nicely full, which you don't always get in men's modern coats.  

Of course this pattern isn't only good for Victorian or steampunk clothing.  It would be good for several Doctor Who costumes like the 10th Doctor or Jack Harkness.

So, based on what I can tell from looking at the pattern (which was generously sent to me by McCall's) this is a nice pattern, if an overcoat is what you want.  I do think it is a little limited, since it's basically just one item.  

But if you live in a cold climate, a good coat is an important part of your steampunk wardrobe so it may be worth it to you.

Simplicity has a new line of DC bombshells patterns.  They're not steampunk, but I think the retro/pin-up style is of interest to my readers, so if you haven't seen them, here they are.  

Supergirl - I love the flare of the skirt on this one.  

Wonder Woman - I love the retro shorts, and think you could almost use them for steampunk with the right outfit.  

Batgirl - This is fun, with the utility belt (which hey, you could also use for steampunk!).

Here is a man's DC costume for the Joker.  Of course it's also an outfit that in other colors/fabrics would be perfectly steampunk. 

There hasn't been a mainstream tailed coat pattern, so this is good. Unfortunately, it doesn't include a pattern for the spats in the photo.

This Doctor Who costume is interesting.  It's a strange combination of Doctor Who and steampunk without really being either one.  It's fairly basic, especially the skirt and pants, which are both elastic waists.  I do really like the bolero.  The corset on the dress outfit doesn't do anything for me, shape-wise. The interesting thing is that the vest on the left is actually a corset with laces in the back.  But I'm not entirely sure how it works from the line drawings.  

And finally, I just really like this dress/style.  And on first glance, I thought this was an intentional Dalek dress, but I'm pretty sure it's not.  I guess I could be wrong and it's a faux Dalek and the blue one is meant to be TARDIS-y.  But those are flowers.  I guess it could be really undercover geeky.  

And I've decided this length of skirt is what I want to wear all the time.  It's about the length of my cancan skirts, which are my most frequently worn steampunk items.


  1. I think the eggbeater settles it: that last one's meant to be convertible to a Dalek dress.

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