Tuesday, April 12, 2016

New Cosplay by McCall's Patterns: CORSETS!

So since I now have the hook-up with McCall's I got warning that as of today there are two new patterns in the Cosplay by McCall's line, and they are both corset patterns.

Needless to say, this was exciting news.  I'm always interested in new corset patterns, since I know there are still gaps in the market for really good modern corset patterns.

And when I got the promo images, I was pretty darn impressed.

The patterns are called Laced for the overbust and Shapeshifter for the underbust.  And the photos are really attractive and look like they have very nice shapes.  

And then I read the press release, to find out these patterns were developed by Kelly Cercone of Anachronism in Action.  Kelly is a well-known and respected corsetiere and cosplayer.  I've admired her work and interacted a bit with her online, and she has my respect.  I know she knows her corsets. So that makes me really anxious to get my hands on these patterns and test them out,  (I should be getting copies in a couple weeks!)

These really have the potential to become must-have patterns.  My only reservation is that I know for the Big 3 typically the designer who makes the pattern doesn't have any say over the instructions, which for corsets have been historically pretty dismal.  

The patterns are supposed to be up on the cosplay.mccall.com website as of today at noon, and you can only get them there.  

In related news, my review for the Flight pattern should be up soon.  I finished putting together the test harness from the pattern and just need to get some photos of it.

(Disclaimer: I'm not being paid to promote these in any way, other than being provided with copies of the patterns to review.)

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