Friday, April 29, 2016

Friday Finds: Summer Steampunk Shoes

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I've talked about this before, but being a Texan, I have a hard time being comfortable in steampunk dress all year round.  I need summer versions of my outfits for times when it's just unbearably hot.  A big part of my comfort is shoes.  I just can't wear knee-high vinyl boots when it's 100 degrees.  So I am always looking for good summer steampunk shoes.  I found a bunch at Modcloth, but these are also just ideas of what styles to look for.

Here we have the ultimate steampunk gladiator sandal.  I love the look of BootsButNot.  The shiny buckles take them into actually steampunk territory for me.  I saw a similar style at Target a few days ago, though they didn't look this nice.  So this is a style that is apparently "in" at the moment.

One of the other things I look for in steampunk accessories is metallic color.  This is apparently another trend at the moment, so that's great for us.  I love sandals that include something around the ankle, and these are a lovely shiny gold with intricate patterning.

Shoes just rarely get cuter than this.  The Malt Shop Sweetheart shoe is available as pictured in Dusty Rose or very stylish Black and White.  These really are like the summer version of some two-tone steampunk boots I've seen.

There's just something about shoes with wraps around the ankle that make them more old-fashioned.  These more formal shoes have a dance feel to them and would work with all kinds of outfits, including fancier steampunk ones.

Speaking of ankle-wrapping, how about these flats?  They have a ballet feeling, but with a metallic sheen and delicate elegance.

Again, there's something about two-tone cuteness.  The lower heel on these makes them a little more casual while maintaining a little bit of formal.  These are a little bit Lolita to me.

The more straps and buckles something has, the more steampunk it is.  That's just science.  :)  Here's another good flat option for those like myself in danger of injury when we wear heels.

There are more shoes I could post that would work that I found just looking around Modcloth.  Mostly metallic sandals and flats in different shades.  But I think you get the idea that steampunk doesn't have to mean boots.  Hope this gave you some ideas of what to look for!

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