Friday, April 22, 2016

Friday Finds: Gifts for Mom or Yourself

This post is sponsored by Modcloth and contains affiliate links.

I haven't been doing my Friday Finds posts for a while.  It started to feel like work and like I was scraping the bottom of the barrel looking for things to share with y'all.  But I've got some good stuff shared up now so I'll be posting some of these for a while.

Gift-giving is always tricky.  Especially when I'm looking for my mom.  My mom is the kind of person who has most everything she wants or needs.  She doesn't collect things.  She doesn't have a lot of hobbies.  So what do you give someone like that?

One option is to really search out the quirky and unusual items that someone would like, but doesn't know exist.  Modcloth is a great place to find these kinds of things.  Here are a few items I found that I feel would make great gifts that also have a steampunk vibe.

The Open Air Enjoyment Picnic Basket is a lovely, old-fashioned way to tote everything you need for a fantastic picnic.  With spring in full swing, and summer coming, this can get a lot of use.  I also can see this being the perfect thing to take with you to any outdoor steampunk gathering and still be in period style.

Modcloth has quite a few kitchen accessories that would fit into a steampunk themed room fantastically.  This copper-toned Roll the Spice Caddy is one of them.

Ok, I don't get tired of cool octopus items.  And I ADORE this Pacific Pairing Pillow.  The colors are fantastic.  Only a few left in stock, though, so hurry!

Finally, I found the Most Steampunk Item EVER.  Guys.  Guys. We need this.  We ALL need this attached to our belts.  It's a collapsable shot glass with an octopus on it.  The next time a steampunk offers you something from a flask (cause you know we do that), you will have your own hygenic shot glass right there!  Seriously, I need this so badly.   The Wherever You Arm shot glass!

So your mom may or may not be into steampunk and octopuses.  But if you need a Mother's Day gift, seriously try browsing though Modcloth's Home and Gifts section, because I found something perfect for my mom for less than $20.


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