Wednesday, March 2, 2016

McCall's New Cosplay Patterns Plus the Vault Collection

There' a new Yaya Han pattern out at McCall's.  M7373 Fit and Flare or Godet Coats  The pattern has three styles of coats, the one with godet inserts as pictured here, one shorter with a small flare, and a super long one.  There are also two styles of sleeve, this puffed one and a plain full length sleeve.  I do like this full-skirted silhouette, but I'm not entirely sure how useful it would end up being.  And the sleeves look a bit amateurish to me for some reason.  I would like to see the long, full-skirt coat made up before deciding about that one.

 There's also a men's YaYa pattern for this coat.   Collared and Seamed Coat  Through some creative details, they get three different looks out of this.  One cut off short but otherwise identical, and one with some cuff buttons and a different yoke style.   But anyway, this is a pretty generic long coat that could be used easily for steampunk.

While we're talking about McCall's, have you all seen the new Cosplay By McCall's patterns?  I posted about it on the Steam Ingenious Facebook, but hadn't posted them here yet.  But the basic idea is that McCall's has a new website and pattern line just for cosplayers.  The patterns are only available on their website, so they're much more expensive than Big Three patterns usually are in stores, plus no incredible pattern sales.  They claim they are in high quality envelopes with better instructions and higher quality pattern paper.  They also seem to be made for for advanced users since they are rated "advanced" difficulty.

 The most steampunk of the first three available patterns is Trenched.  There are plain versions, but the one with all the detail is definitely the coolest, and most steampunk.  It does make that YaYa pattern look a bit boring.  One range of unisex sizes.  Of the three cosplay patterns, this is the one I'm most likely to cough up the money for.

The next pattern is Flight.  Giant Angel wings!  Wings are certainly popular in cosplay, including some in steampunk.  But I'm not clear how useful this pattern would be for styles of wings that aren't feathered.  But they do look pretty cool.

The last pattern is Cloak X.  It's a full cloak with or without a hood, with an x shaped closure.  There are also two capelets that can be worn alone or over the long cloak.  (The fur shown is one of these capelets.)  Cloaks are a staple of period costume, and it's obvious this is meant to appeal to Game of Thrones cosplay.  I do really like the large hood, so I think this is a good cloak pattern, but there are lots of cloak patterns out there already, so I'm not sure if it's worth $19.

I think it's going to be really interesting to see what other patterns are released in this line.  What garments are popular enough in generic cosplay to release?

On another note, the Cosplay by McCall's website is really neat.  Through the site you can search McCalls patterns by lots of cosplay relevant terms, like: Corsets, Skirts, Petticoats and Bustles, Bodysuits, etc.  It also opens up out of print patterns through "The Vault Collection."  There are a lot of historical and Victorian patterns you can order through this site that have been out-of-print.  There are some REAL Gems.

M2045 is a nice Victorian/Edwardian blouse.

M2037 is a men's Old West pattern with this fantastic shirt, ankle-length duster, and scarf.

M2021 is this lovely men's costume.

M2031 is two Victorian/Edwardian women's costumes.  This evening look and a suit.

I adore this blouse from M2024.

M2006 is a pattern for turning an umbrella frame into a heavily trimmed parasol.

This is only the most stand-out patterns from the Vault.  There are more blouses, skirts, aprons, etc that would work for steampunk.  Plus lots of Rennaissance era patterns.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! That first jacket is amazing!