Friday, February 5, 2016

Butterick (finally) has Spring Patterns

Everyone is making corset patterns these days.  Lots and lots of corset patterns.

Here's Butterick's latest B6338 Curved Hem Corset and Skirts.  So to begin with, that corset is kinda a mess.  It's very lightly and poorly boned, there isn't even any center front boning.  And the "curved hem" looks way too long to sit comfortably in.  At least on this model.  The hip obviously doesn't fit her, so it might work better on someone with a larger waist-to-hip ratio but I wouldn't expect this corset to do any actual cinching.  The cups looks ok, I guess?  Basically, this looks very flimsy to me, and like they really want a bustier.

Now the skirts look fairly nice, for pretty typical short bustle skirt thingys.  The ruffled one has LOTS of fluff, which means lots of material and gathering, but the finished product is pretty great.

There are two more skirt styles in the pattern, but there are only drawings of those.  One is a draped fall of fabric with two layers and one is a sort of spiky tutu.  I'd like to see a photo of those made up before judging whether they're worth while.

Next up is an Edwardian women's suit set.  To be honest, not much about this really excites me.  It seems to me this would be pretty similar to some other existing patterns, but I guess it's fairly historically accurate and they're going for the Downton Abbey vibe.  You could certainly use this as a base for a steampunk costume, but you'd want to jazz it up a lot.

On the other hand I ADORE this men's outfit, of roughly the same time period.  This has all the flare that the women's outfit lacks.  I love the lines of the jacket and JODHPURS!! Actual facts jodhpurs!  (This is what I exclaimed outloud to my husband on seeing this pattern.)  I've actually seen steampunks looking for a jodhpurs pattern, so this is great.  Depending on your fabric choices and accessories this could go from country gentleman to safari to dieselpunk military

Finally Butterick gives us a new drool-worthy men's historical vest pattern.   Seven different versions, single and double breasted, with a high and low-cut neckline.  Really this pattern can just about meet any Victorian to Edwardian vest need.

The bad news, of course, is that they all feature @%^$*^%# welt pockets.  Some have four of them.  So check out my tutorial before attempting, or they could drive you mad as they have many a seamstress before you.


  1. Re: the women's Edwardian suit -- of course it looks weak and uninspired. They never bother to put the models in period-appropriate undergarments. If the photo model is wearing even one petticoat, I would be surprised.

  2. I freaking love the men's outfit with the boots! I might use that as my next costume :)