Thursday, December 10, 2015

OMG new patterns!

Early Spring patterns are here!  Ok, McCalls are.  And I'm excited enough about a couple of them to post this without waiting for the other manufacturers.

So why am I excited?

First of all, there's a pattern I've known was coming.  I shared it on the Steam Ingenious FB page even.  It's a new corset pattern from Yaya Han.  Now I know lots of people aren't fans of her, and I'm critical of certain things about her as well.  But I DO like the patterns she's released in her line so far and I'm very interested in her line of fabrics coming to Joann's.  (Including corset coutil, though I don't know if it'll be quality or domestic.)

So here is the cupped corset pattern (also underbust) she is releasing.  There isn't a decent cupped corset pattern out there really at all.  So there is a void, and honestly this one looks pretty good.  I like the way the panels look.  So I'm actually really excited to get my hands on it and try it.  (If I ever get time.  A cupped corset is something I've been meaning to make forever and commissions and other projects haven't allowed me time yet.)  Oh, and that brocade is apparently from her fabric line.  Preetty.

But here's what's got me tingling.  HATS.  ACTUAL STEAMPUNK HAT PATTERN.  A new pattern from an actual millinery line of patterns?  Yes, please.

The pattern includes 5 different styles.  I'm gonna show you all of them.  Cause, YES.  I adore the mini bowler and the mini top hat.   As someone who sells a pattern for an aviator hat, their version is nice, and that's a hard pattern to make work.  And I like the large top hat and feel meh about the larger bowler.  They both suffer from floppy brim, which is due to the fact that these hats use fusible interfacing as the sole stiffening.

But it would be simple to make them look better with some modifications like adding wire or buckram.  In fact, that would be a great idea for some posts for this blog: how to improve this pattern.  Yes....

One of the supplies listed on the pattern is "purchased goggles."  Think Joann's will start carrying those?

There's another interesting new pattern out from Simplicity.  It's not part of their normal season collections, and it's more expensive than their other patterns.  It's "Effy Sews Cosplay Couture" which may be a new line?  It's a pattern for a Playboy bunny style corset/bodysuit.  It's so new I can't even find a downloadable or linkable picture for y'all.  The pattern is here, and it could be a base for some neat cosplays or lingerie though of course it's not really a steampunk style.  (Though I'm sure SOMEONE will or has done a "steampunk playboy bunny.")

So that's what's new for now.  As for me, I've gotten super busy both with making Holiday gifts and catching up with commissions.  I've been working on some corset pattern reviews for this blog but they got a bit stalled.  And I found some photos I'd thought I'd lost on making my most recent steampunk belt, so eventually I'll get a post on that together.

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  1. I like the hats, although the bowler brim looks too small! Definitely look like the top hat could use stiffening! And maybe a bit of reshaping!