Wednesday, November 18, 2015

My article on Foundations Revealed is now free!

Great news, guys.  The article I wrote for Foundations Revealed on the Folded Seam or Welt Seam method of corset construction has now been made free for all to view.  It's an improved and expanded version of one of my older posts here, with better photos.  So check it out.

 This is the method I teach in my corset making workshops and the method I use the most often on my own pieces.

While I'm talking about Foundations Revealed, I'll just mention what an amazing resource it is for anyone who wants to make a corset.  The articles there are written by some of the best corset makers in the world and there's so much knowledge available.  I get totally geeky about new articles, especially when it happens to be someone who's work I adore sharing their secrets.

I think it's totally worth paying for monthly membership, but you can also just check out the free articles.  Or sign up for a month or two and read everything in a binge.  If you sign up through my blog, I do get a small commission.  Same goes for the sister historical costuming site Your Wardrobe Unlocked, which also has some amazing resources.

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