Friday, August 21, 2015

Steampunk Simplicity Fall Sewing Patterns

You have to expect some new costume patterns for Halloween season, right?

First up, Simplicity has a new Men's pattern out.  AND I LOVE IT.

Simplicity 1039 - It's both a steampunk outfit AND a pretty awesome Jack Skellington.  I love the steampunk version of the coat; so many great details.  Plus people are always asking about tailcoat patterns and here you go!  

My husband is totally going to be bugging me to make him one.  :)

And then there's Simplicity 1040.  This is one of those times I have to ask the peanut gallery: "Is there a cultural reference I'm missing?"  What's with the hugely oversized steampunk cowls?  Is this an anime or video game thing I'm missing?  Cause as a general fashion statement it's not doing anything for me.

And finally Simplicity 1033: Misses Day of the Dead Costumes.  I didn't realize DOTD was now steampunk.  The individual pieces are almost 100% steampunk from the puffed sleeve blouse to the high-low skirts and hoop cage.  I'm not wild about the corset really, but whatever.  I think this could actually be a pretty versatile pattern to have.

Simplicity have not forgotten that Steampunk dogs need costumes, too!  I find it fairly hilarious that this is actually the SECOND steampunk dog costume pattern.    I have to say I like the McCall pattern better than this one.

I have a couple neat new McCall's patterns for you, too, and Butterick has yet to release their Fall catalog, so I'm saving those for a second post.


  1. The big cowls are from the video game Assassin's Creed.

    1. Thank you! I was actually pretty sure the white and red robe was Assassin's Creed and nearly said so, but since I've never played any of them, wasn't sure.

  2. The steampunk-styled cowl is also reminiscent of a cartoony coachman's greatcoat.

  3. I always love your steampunk pattern round-ups, there's some cool stuff out this time!

  4. What do you think of Butterick's 3648 pattern? I have read that this isn't a great pattern because the constructions is too modern. Is Simplicity 1039 a better one for a man's tailcoat?

  5. The Red one in 1040 is Vincent from Final Fantasy