Monday, August 24, 2015

More Fall Steampunky Sewing Patterns!

As promised, here are some more new patterns that I thought might be useful for steampunk.

First off, there's this GORGEOUS coat from McCall's.  Not only would this be perfect for a steampunk outfit, it's amazing for every day.  If I lived somewhere where I needed a coat every day, I'd be all over this.

This is a vintage McCall's pattern which is obviously not your typical steampunk period, but I think could be made to work well with some small adjustments.  (Changing the shawl collar and adding double-breasted buttons, for example.)  Plus the cape is detachable.

McCall's 7254 is actually a sweater pattern, but this variation feels like it has potential.  Not sure if it would work in a non-stretch fabric of course, Sizing would probably have to be adjusted.

Vogue has this super cute children's jacket.  I think this would work great for steampunk for either a girl or a boy.  So if you have little ones to costume, take note!

In all the excitement over the new Simplicity costume patterns I missed this awesome coat.  Cape and epaulets?  Would easily work for steampunk.

Here's something else I overlooked on the Simplicity site.  Capes are apparently "In" this season, and I'm loving it.  I love the military details on this one.  I may have to make myself one.

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