Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday Finds: Steampunk Doc Martens

So, I'm a 90s girl and yes, I love my Docs.  I bought my first pair of purple 8-holes in 1996 in London, and wore them until there was almost no sole at all left.  Since then I've owned several more pair, including shoes and heeled boots.  I finally got my husband addicted to them as well and now it's all he wears.  I recently surfed over to the official site and started browsing and was excited to see several styles I thought were great for steampunk.  Unlike some of the other things I post, I get no commission on these, I'm not an affiliate, I just love them.

Women's Triumph 1914  (Also in black and red)

 Clemency in Copper

Clarissa - I'm not sure if I like this or not...

Aggy Boot

Josefa  (I might be in lust with this one to replace the cheap brown boots I wear now.)



Harrie  (There are shoe versions of this...and they're on SALE.)

Jocelyn - One of my friends fell in love with this one.  Can't blame her.  Plus, sale!

The Men's offerings look pretty boring in comparison.  There are a few metallics, but they're mostly conservative.  Now I just need to win the lottery so I can buy ALL THE DOCS.


  1. I love my Diva Regina, too bad they're out of production

  2. *drools* they look gorgeous, far too expensive for my budget though. But a girl can dream, right? :P
    The closest thing I own to Doc Martens are floral no-name brand boots that conveniently look exactly like real Doc Martens >:)

  3. I think the Josefa and the Lauren both would work well as replacements for you. Note that the Lauren has the more traditional heel.

  4. I have the Triumph in black at home (with deep red ribbons for laces, of course). I just bought these to finish my first steampunk outfit: These on my "want for steampunk" list :) Thank you for the awesome site!