Thursday, July 31, 2014

Book Review: Dragon Blood Series Books 2 and 3 by Lindsey Buroker

I reviewed the first book in this series on this blog, and now I'd like to update you on the second and third books.

The second book is DeathMaker.  It introduces both a new female protagonist, Lt. Casin Ahn, a dragon flier pilot who was captured in enemy territory.  While imprisoned, she meets Tolemek, also known as "The Deathmaker", an airship pirate and scientist famous for making deadly poisons used to slaughter entire cities.  The two are forced to cooperate to escape their captors.

This book was thoroughly enjoyable for me.  It really is much more steampunk than the first, since we get to see lots of pirates and airships and aerial battles.  I also really like these two new characters and their relatioship.

The book eventually gets around to checking in on the two protagonists of the first book, but really this is Tolemek and Ahn's book.

The third book, Blood Charged, combines all four protagonists on a mission into enemy territory to discover how the enemy has got their hands on dragon's blood, thought to be the origin of magical power in this world, when all the dragons have been dead for a thousand years.  The story is once more focused on Col. Zirkander and Sardelle, but Tolemek and Lt. Ahn play their roles as well.

The story starts really fleshing out the fantasy and magical aspects of the world, while combining them with new, mysterious technologies.  There's a lot of non-stop action in this novel, and although action isn't always my thing, Lindsey Buroker is skilled at writing action that makes me care and keeps me involved.

This series is really shaping up to be fantastic and the more I read of it, the more I want.  Luckily Ms. Buroker is a very fast writer and the next one should be out soon!

Both these books are only $2.99 for the Kindle versions, so totally worth checking out.

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