Monday, June 23, 2014

Update and Steampunk Vol. 1 by Tyson Vick

First of all, I know I've been neglecting this blog recently.  It's a combination of factors from the fact that I have a bunch of corset commissions and am busy with those to the launch of my new Jamberry Nails business.  Commissions are awesome but they mean that I have to devote my sewing time to those instead of coming up with tutorials or projects to share here.

I also realize I owe you guys posts about completing the Steampunk Darkwing Duck costume.  I've been putting those posts off mostly because I don't have decent photos of the costume yet.  My house and yard are both a wreck so I have no place to take photos here at the moment.  I'll try to get decent ones this weekend when I attend Apollocon. 

In the meantime, I was graciously allowed a look at the new photography book by Tyson Vick, Steampunk Vol. 1.  Mr. Vick has partnered with one of my favorite steampunk costumers, Alisa Kester of Dragonfly Designs for a series of steampunk shoots.   This Magcloud book features only the first of these photos, photos which have been featured in other publications, I believe.

The book is 24 pages of very lovely steampunk photography.  The costumes are very impressive and much more unique and original than you see in your average steampunk photo shoot.  At least those on the women are.  The male costumes are far less developed and elaborate.  Overall, this is a lovely photo book at a reasonable price.  But you don't really have to listen to me.  Check out these photos.

I'm looking forward to the further results of this collaboration, in the form of the Steampunk Guide to Hunting Monsters.

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  1. I hope your business is going well!

    The photos look gorgeous! I love the Multicultural Steampunk outfits! I love the Middle Eastern one, the jacket is amazing!