Monday, June 16, 2014

Portfolio: Corsets

In an effort to make examples of my work easier to find for prospective clients, I'm adding some portfolio pages to this blog.  Because I'd rather not try to make a second website.  :)

Please excuse all the amateur photography.  I am looking for photographers to collaborate with.

Victorian Pattern recreated to fit myself, with waist yoke, eyelets, and gear and clock hand embellishment.

Waist-training underbust with large hipspring

Modest sweetheart overbust with extreme hipspring with lace overlay.

 Commission Old West Saloon style overbust.

(L) Closed front Star Wars comic underbust. (R)Gold and Brown Brocade underbust

Commission Floral Cotton underbust, pattern matched.

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  1. Please do u sell corsets?
    If yes, can u ship to Nigeria?