Friday, May 9, 2014

Friday Finds: DIY Steampunk Clothing Ideas

Y'all I'm SO busy right now getting ready for Comicpalooza.  I MEANT to post this week, honestly.  Anyway, maybe this will make up for it.

Turning a Jacket into a Bolero and Corset-Belt - This is a really cool example of how easy it can be to take an existing clothing item and make it into a unique steampunk outfit.

Turning a Man's Shirt into a Stylish Steampunk Blouse - Here's another mod that makes you say "Wow, can it really be that simple?"  I love the finished product and TOTALLY need a blouse that style, so I need to remember this.

Convert an Ordinary Suit Coat into a Tail Coat - It's pretty amazing what you can do by just cutting and hemming things, isn't it?

Here's another take on a modern jacket into a bolero.  Plus the post has the rest of the outfit and how it was made on the cheap as well.

Modern Button Down into Lace Steampunk Shirt - A few scraps of material totally transform the look of this shirt.

I hope you find all of that as inspirational as I do.  One of these months I really intend to do some transformative thrifted crafts of my own, but I have to find a break in my Making From Scratch schedule.  :)

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  1. Here's a link to a very nice tutorial for making a collapsable bustle from wire coat hangers:
    Boringlibrarian in Waco

  2. Glad you like my Steampunk blouse. :)

    Have a great weekend,