Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Femme Steampunk Darkwing Duck Progress: Coat and stuff

I have a week until I start setting up for Comicpalooza.  THIS IS NOT GOOD.  I am so busy right now that I'm going a little nuts.  I keep thinking about posting, but in my downtime I'm mostly so braindead I'm just looking at memes.

ANYWAY, things are progressing, although there is still BIG STRESS about getting this costume finished.

The coat is done.  It's been done.  Today I finally took some crappy pictures of it.

I made a few changes to the pattern from the mock-up.  It's wider in the shoulders with larger sleeves to accommodate my linebacker shoulders.   I lowered the top closure and added a collar.  And I added pirate-y cuffs.

The fabric is cotton broadcloth with organic cotton lining.  Trying to find the right purple in a reasonable time frame became a huge problem, but I hope it works.

The trim is silk dupioni to match the trim on the corset.  It's bias tape.  For the trim on the cuffs I used a new seamless trim technique, but it was too time-consuming to do on the entire coat.  Plus the bias tape worked well with the curves.

The cape is half complete, because I realized I didn't have enough pink satin for the lining.  So I had to rush order some more and it only arrived today.  The hat is partially constructed at the moment.  For your enjoyment, here's a photo of myself trying out the hat brim pattern.  I ended up making it bigger than this.

So now I just have a million things to do.  Wish me luck!


  1. Good luck! I know it'll be even more awesome than you think when you're done.

  2. Good Luck! You will pull it off just fine. Sometimes we get more done under stress and deadlines ;-) We have Steampunk Carnivale, June 7th. Have all my pieces of costume, just need a few alterations, haven't even started yet.

  3. Good luck! Ah the nostalgia! Every time I see this I sing the Darkwing Duck theme song, lol.