Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday Finds: Steampunk Skirt Inspiration

I was talking to a friend about options for an outfit she's planning and decided I'd take the opportunity to collect a bunch of examples of different steampunk skirt styles in one place.

From Historical

This is an elaborately ruched skirt, for those with lots of fabric and time.  I love the effect, though.

Long skirt with one large ruffle.  I like this look because it can be dressed down or up and is relatively simple to make.  This image from the Simplicity 2207 pattern.

Long Skirt with pleated ruffle.  This is obviously the 2172 skirt.  Another nice option, although you'll spend a long time making all those knife pleats.

From Recollections.

Then there's just the plain, full skirt.  This one has some nice buttons on it.  The plain skirt is often seen under a bustled overskirt or over a hoop skirt.

From Dress Like A Pirate

Then there's the multi-tiered ruffle skirt.  Another incredibly versitile wardrobe piece, this photo shows how you can use one ruffled skirt pulled up in the back as a bustle.  Of course you can also pull it up in the front, which is always popular.

From Butterick pattern 5969.

Then there are all the varieties of bustled skirts.  This one is different, in that it is a slim bustled skirt.  I really need to make it...  Here's an example of a fuller bustled underskirt.

From the Anticraft tutorial.

Here's a petticoat skirt.  Useful either as underwear to give you volume, or as your actual skirt.

From EGL Skirt Tutorial

A Lolita style high-waisted short skirt, with or without bustle.  There's a million different styles of these and steampunk lolita is a growing sub-style.

From Chic Star Product Page

One of my favorite skirt styles for Steampunk is the fishtail skirt.  Here's a lovely one with ruffles.  There are many variations, but I think they always look lovely, and I don't see them often enough in person.  There's a DIY Tutorial for one, here.

Simplicity 1558

 Here's some more shorter skirts, not as short as a lolita skirt.  This Simplicity pattern includes one style held up with hardware and one with a ruffled bustle in the back.  Other styles include can can skirts such as I wear with my patch corset.

Simplicity 1819

And there is the bustled overskirt, which can be worn either over another skirt or on it's own.

Did I miss any steampunk skirt styles?  Obviously there are infinite variations, but I think these cover most of the basic options.


  1. I used the Simplicity 1819 for my daughter's and my Steam punk Disney costume. She did Hades from "Hercules" with the longer version, while I did the short version for Yzma from "Emperor's New Grove" I even made it on the site- I'm #11!

  2. I used the Simplicity 2207 recently. It is relatively simple to make the skirt, since the upper part of the skirt has just three straight seams, as well as a front waist facing and back elastic, but the ruffle is rather challenging, since it is approximately twenty feet(!) around the hem. Making it as shown is rather time-consuming, especially the application of the ruffle. As I was finishing it on the morning of an event and using a slightly heavier fabric than recommended, I eased the ruffle to the skirt body and turned it into a softly pleated flounce with concealed edges, instead, and used the fabric intended for the frill on the top edge of the ruffle in a deep hem to help with the drape of the final product.