Friday, April 11, 2014

Friday Finds: New(ish) Sewing Patterns for Steampunk

McCall's released a new pattern today and there are some I haven't yet posted to the blog, so here we go.

McCall 6975 -Spats, Fingerless Gloves, Hats, and Belts  -This is the brand new release, obviously aimed at the steampunk market.  There's nothing wrong with any of the pieces, per say, but this seems like a weak offering.  The spats are nice for low rise spats, the gloves are ok.  The belts and the hats have a fine style, but I know the construction instructions on them are going to be really shoddy, since it seems the only stiffening in them is felt.  This might be worth picking up on sale, but there are much better hat and spats patterns out there.  (Psst, like my spats pattern maybe.)

McCall 6911  -This, on the other hand, is a welcome addition to the steampunk patterns available.  Pretty much everything about it is totally cute.  The bolero is simple, but has some nice touches.  The base skirt is a nice, long full trained Victorian skirt with lovely optional trim pattern.  And the bustle skirt is really nice as well.  The corset pattern might be ok, provided you make it as an actual corset with real boning.  Otherwise it's not going to give you much support.

Simplicity 1427  - Simplicity hasn't released any steampunk patterns for a while but this one might be of interest.  Although a tulle skirt sounds simple enough, it can be hard to get just the right look and shape.  From reading the designer's blog, it seems these are more complicated than they look.   These would be an interesting item to add to a steampunk look, especially since they could double as under-skirt supports if needed.

Finally, both Simplicity and McCall's have now released their takes on some Game of Thrones costumes.  Although I wouldn't consider them steampunk as-is, they may be of interest for someone looking for something different.

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  1. I am planning (when I work up the courage) to make the Mccall's pattern in the kimono silk for my seamstress.