Monday, March 31, 2014

New Costume In Progress: Femme Steampunk Darkwing Duck

Yeah, that's right.  So here's the thing, about a year ago I saw the following drawing of Steampunk Darkwing Duck by Deviant Art user Mechanique Fairy.  (Her entire Steampunk Disney series is AMAZING.) And I thought it was about the most awesome thing I'd ever seen.  My first reaction was that I wanted to make that costume, but I didn't consider wearing it myself.

A few months later I looked at the picture again and I suddenly thought, "What would the female version of this look like?"  And I was doomed.  I knew I had to make it, and I decided I would try to make it for myself to wear to this year's Comicpalooza.  Well, I've been busy in the 9 months or so since then, but I now have about two months left and I'm really going to try.

So, in case you're not familiar, I want you all to know how awesome Darkwing Duck is as a character.  He's a bit obscure, since his only real appearance was in his early 90s Disney afternoon cartoon.  I freaking loved that show.  Darkwing Duck is the more loveable Batman, an everyduck who is a hero in his own mind, dedicated to foiling evil doers everywhere, in serious purple-caped style.   His love of gadgets and inventions fits perfectly into steampunk, too.  The show was a clever parody and satire of the superhero genre, packed with references.

Classic Darkwing

So I'm doing a Femme Steampunk Darkwing Duck and I don't care if anyone wants to give me hell about it.  I can't think of a more fun costume to do.  And at this point in my costuming I don't care about what anyone may think.  I have always been afraid to do any costumes that didn't fit my steampunk alter ego, but now I'm way more interesting in making something with impact.

So I will begin blogging about the different pieces of this costume very soon.  I have two pieces of it already finished.  Let me break down what I'm planning.

Costume Pieces:

  • Striped Bloomers - These are already complete and I posted a picture of me wearing them already.  I decided to keep the striped pants of the inspiration image, but feminize them by making bloomers with lace.  This also gives me a versatile costume piece I've been wanting anyway.  I didn't really consider making a long skirt since I think I need to keep some of the action element of the character.
  • Corset - If I make a costume for me to wear, there will be a corset.  It's actually a physical requirement to keep me going all day at a con with my back condition.  The corset for this project is also finished.  I actually started working on it about 9 months ago, and originally it wasn't intended to be part of this costume.  It was just a fancy purple corset to show off with.  But since I made it from two different colors of purple dupioni, it works as a base garment for this. I've been working on it in my spare moments and it's DONE.  I can't wait to show y'all this corset.  It's the best I've made.
  • Coat - This is the most involved piece of the costume.  It is going to be somewhat similar to the Simplicity 2172 coat in that it will close under the bust, but it will be double breasted to incorporate the gold buttons of Darkwing's coat.  I am going for a pirate-y, menswear inspired style.  I have the rough beginnings of this draped and I'm desperately looking for the right purple fabric.
  • Cape - Darkwing must have his cape with magenta lining.  I have a dark purple taffeta and a magenta taffeta ready for this.  I am planning to incorporate a shoulder cape like the inspiration pic.
  • Hat- I've seen steampunk versions of Darkwing (I've found 4 different versions, actually) that make his hat into a top hat, but I want to keep the distinctive Darkwing wide hat.  This is going to take a bit of experimenting to get the right shape, so I should maybe get started on it...
  • Accessories - Teal cravat, mask (I'm a bit nervous about the mask), maybe some spats.  I also want to make a new utility belt, although I don't know if I'll be able to make a DWD belt buckle or not.  

I also have to continue to make things for others as I sell them, and prepare stock for vending Comicpalooza. Plus I promised my husband a new vest.  Eep.

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  1. I think that it is an incredible idea for a costume! I can't wait to see it.