Friday, March 7, 2014

Friday Finds: Steampunk at Ikea

So last weekend while I was in Houston for Twisted Gears, I had to go to Ikea.  Now Ikea would normally be the last place you'd think of going for steampunky home decor, since their aesthetic tends to be modern and contemporary, but I was surprised by how many items I found that I thought would be good for a steampunk home.  And yes, I bought some of them.

In general, I noticed more items that reflected a "retro" aesthetic, like this metal and glass display case.  To me it evokes medical cabinets of the early 20th century and would probably go well with a "mad science" or industrial decor theme.

I didn't go to Ikea looking for a lamp, but this one came home with me.  LOOK AT IT!  It's both retro and steampunk, with a matte white shade that looks like old porcelain, brass colored accents, and a black and white fabric colored cord.

The same lamp is available in a table and floor lamp, and chrome as well as white finish.  The chrome is a more traditional look, but this still has a steamy flair, especially in person with the antique style cloth cord.

This contemporary style grandfather clock stood out to me as well.  Yes, it's modern and sleek, but it's also got a whimsy that I think would be cool in an industrial steampunk setting.  YMMV on this one, but I like it.

Finally we have this laundry drying rack shaped like an octopus.  You know I love octopi in all forms and octopus are steampunk, right?  ;)  But, look how cute!  For $4.99, there's no way this wasn't coming home with me.  I'm determined to find a way to make this part of my vending display.

These are just the items I noticed walking through the store.  There were also some textiles with antique prints on them.  But mostly I wanted to show you THAT LAMP!  I'm in utter love with it.


  1. Ikea is the best! Love their clean lines. Just add imagination, you can make their stuff work any way you want.

  2. I love the display case and adore the laundry drying racks! --Cyn