Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Steampunk for Simpletons

And here is my other exciting announcement of the week.  I will have two tutorials published in the upcoming book Steampunk for Simpletons!

The book is intended to be a guide for newbies to the genre and will include tutorials for making steampunk gear in 12 steps or less, so it should be perfect for new or casual makers.  The pieces I've contributed are an updated and improved version of my How To Make a Victorian Cravat tutorial (my all-time most popular topic) and a slightly improved version of my method of painting a steampunk gun with textured paint.  (I should name that process or something.  It's unwieldy to type.)

I'm quite excited to see my work in an actual book which will hopefully encourage new people to try their hand at steampunk crafting.  The other contributors are a who's who of the steampunk community, including some fabulous makers, so it should be awesome.

The book has a Kickstarter campaign that has just begun.  It's vital that they reach their very modest goal, so please check it out and make a pledge.  You know you want a copy of the book!

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