Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday Finds: Really Big Steampunk Guns

I love collecting pictures of various steampunk guns that people make.  There are so many directions to go with them.  Some people make REALLY BIG GUNS, which is what we are celebrating today.

Photo by Shaun Barnette

Check out this amazing gun pictured with an unknown gentleman at Phoenix Comiccon.  (If anyone has info on the maker and/or person in the photo, let me know.)

Photo by Tommy Roberson

This gun I recognize as a Nerf model that has has a BUNCH of stuff stuck on it.  I love it.  (In fact, that model Nerf is sitting in my living room floor waiting for its paint job.)  You can see a close-up look at the bits on the gun here.

Scrap Metal Minigun by Shane Martin Designs

 The Resonant Frequency Amplification Liquefaction Blunderbuss by Drs. Zut.

The Défourailleur 2000 is an arm mounted mini-gun by Ethis Creations.

Probably the biggest big gun of them all, B.A.B.E. by Hatton Cross Steampunk, built around a real oak wine barrel.  The detail on this thing is amazing.

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  1. The Resonant Frequency Amplification Liquefaction Blunderbuss by Drs. Zut is definitely my favourite! It is the sort of thing I would like one day! Unfortunately, my skills do not stretch that far!