Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday Finds: Male Corsets

I feel bad sometimes that all this corset talk leaves the men out of the conversation.  But that doesn't have to be true!

Often people will say they don't think corsets are masculine enough, but does this corset by the incredible Madame Sher look like anything but the classiest formalwear ever?

This House of Canney design is a stunning steampunk-inspired piece.  I love how it takes a traditional Victorian vest to the next level.  Unfortunately I can't find a valid link for this corset, but here is Canney's main page.

I love this strait-jacket inspired corset by Vic-Dustrael.  The back is actually even more impressive with the straps and fan-lacing.

Here's another menwear inspired corset/vest, by Sylvain Nuffer.  It's kinda got Western, steampunk, and classic menswear all going on at once.

Here's the Captain of Airship Archon in a stylish corset vest with his steampunk gear.

And finally, a fantastic cincher from Dark Garden Corsetry, with a stunning steampunk outfit.

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