Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday Finds: Steampunk Corsets

Yet another category I can hardly believe I haven't posted for Friday Finds yet is corsets. Probably because trying to choose just a few corsets is painful for me.  These are among my favorite Steampunk Corsets.

This Leather Steampunk Corset by Lagueuse was a recent find of mine and probably wins the prize for my all-time favorite steampunk corset.  It has so many awesome steampunk elements.  Well, just LOOK at it.    (Also, check out the rest of her deviantart.  Her leatherwork is AMAZING. Those of you who follow me on Pinterest saw how many of her projects I pinned last night while writing this post.)

This Steampunk Leather Corset from Timeless Trends makes the list because I think it's a very attractive hard leather corset that is available to purchase for a reasonable price, from a company that makes decent corsets.

This Atelier Slyphe Cotton Steampunk Corset is a unique interpretation of steampunk style that I appreciate.  Plus, I adore the fan lacing over the hip.

This Steampunk Underbust Explorer Corset by Harlots and Angels is another of my all-time favorites.  I like that it's a combination of traditional corsetry done in faux leather and a hard leather stomacher.  I love the brass details and the functional loops on the bottom.

This is author Gail Carriger's Steampunk Corset.  She altered it by adding the spoons and buttons herself and I adore it.  It's whimsical and unique, but definitely steampunk.  Kinda like her books, come to think of it.  (Which if you haven't read, you need to.  NOW.)

I love this Steampunk Corset by Corset and Cloak.  It shows what just a little embellishment can do to take a corset from plain to spectacular.

Finally we have the Dollymop Hussar Corset by Dark Garden Corsetry.  I love the military style.  Military details are something that can be added to corsets with great steampunk-y effect.

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