Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday Finds: Some Of My Favorite Corsets

Last week it was steampunk corsets, this week just corsets in general.  I'll be talking more about corsets next week, so there's a theme going on.  Also I'm running out of ideas for Friday Finds, but I will never run out of corset pictures.

Royal Black is my favorite corset designer.  When I was looking for corsets to post here I selected four Royal Black designs in my first pass.  You should just look through her whole webpage.  This is the Millennium Robot corset.  I love the way the shape combines Art Deco robot style with Elizabethan shapes.

Photo by Aurelia Isabella.

This corset by V-Couture is one I've been drooling over for years.  I love her style of corsetry as well, with a very feminine and antique feel with fantastic shape and embellishment.

I've long admired the incredible shape of this corset by L'Escarpolette Creations.   It's the kind of fit you can only get with a custom made piece, plus all the historical details are incredible with the cording and the flossing.

There is nothing I do not adore about this piece by Daze of Laur.  I love the high-backed pointed longline underbust shape.  The fabrics are amazing.  The swooping side-front panels! The bottom edge!!  Incredible.

Photo by Louise Cantwell.

If you want to know what makes corset-makers swoon, it's shaping like this.  The fit is so amazing.  Plus it's a gorgeous corset, beautifully shot.  The maker is Crikey Aphrodite.

I'm still very busy, since Halloween season is upon us.  But next week I will be starting a series of posts on how and where to buy a corset (and more importantly, where NOT to buy one.)


  1. I could see that gold one as a neat, cross gender C3PO cosplay. And that red and teal one is just beautiful. *swoon*

    Looking forward to next weeks posts. I was thinking of buying a corset here soon, but I wasn't sure where to start.