Friday, August 2, 2013

Friday Finds: Summer Steampunk Skirt patterns

So a conversation in the comments about skirts got me looking at skirt patterns and I noticed some that would be good for steampunk that I never noticed before.

Simplicity 1812 - I like the high-low hem of the skirt and I think it could work with a semi-casual steampunk ensemble.

Simplicity 1697 - I like the last version of this skirt.  It's a nice Edwardian shape.

Simplicity 1888 - This is a great petticoat styled skirt.

Simplicity 2449 - A and C could be used with steampunk outfits.

Simplicity 2665 - Ooo, I like the tiered skirt and the one with the pockets.

Simplicity 4138 - I like the handkerchief hem on B and vertical ruffle on H.

McCall 6567 - The ruffled skirt is the most steampunk to me.

Butterick 5041 - This full skirt is more retro, but could be worn with a steampunk outfit as well.

For more sewing patterns with steampunk potential, don't miss my earlier posts on the subject.


  1. Speaking of steampunk patterns, the new Simplicity one (1558) has some fantastic skirts: lots of great pieces, though I don't know how I feel about all of them together in one ensemble.

    1. Holy cray, when did they release that, today? Normally I get a notice when they put up new patterns, but I haven't gotten anything yet. And I was just at the site putting this together.

      Thanks for the heads up! There are some interesting things there. Here's the link to it on the Simplicity site, which is weird because this pattern doesn't come up under New Patterns.

      I really like the skirt with the hardware lifts, which is something I've been sort of meaning to do. And the blouse is very nice.

    2. I steamed-up a 3 tiered skirt several years ago in much the same style as the skirt. There is a slight problem with the concept in that attaching hardware to your skirt makes it *heavy*! I ended-up using brown plastic D rings instead of metal ones for that reason.

    3. That's a good point. I wonder if you could find some lighter weight aluminum hardware. Hmm.

  2. I love the pulled up skirt in 2449 although it is just about knee length, and I do prefer ankle length in general. It is very cool though! I think I know how to do something similar to that with ribbons sewn in strategic places inside the skirt though.