Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday Finds: Some of My Favorite Steampunk Goggles

Apparently I've never posted any goggles.  Except my own DIY Goggle Kit of course.  But here are some of my favorite creations.

These are probably my all-time favorite, from Mann&Co, but it looks like they no longer sell this style.

These by Steampunk Design are similar, and I like the telescopic lens.

There's so much lovely detail on these from the gear designs on the lenses to the copper piping and vacuum tubes.  By Crafted Steampunk.

 I really love the all-brass construction of these steampunk goggles/glasses, made by longwinters on Instructables.

For more impressive brass construction, the Instructable user gogglerman has a bunch of great creations, such as these heavy-duty brass goggles.

Industrial Sewing Goggles by Dr. Grymm  Come on, everyone knows I love anything steampunk and seamstress oriented.  I adore the tiny pincushions.


  1. These are all really different and amazing looking!

  2. I just wrote a post about my thoughts on Steampunk on my blog, I would really love it if you would check it out!