Friday, August 9, 2013

Friday Finds: Octopus Home Decor

If you know me, you know I love octopuses.  And the rest of the steampunk community seems to agree with me.  Here are some items I would totally have in my house.  

Sea It to Believe It Tea Towel   There's also a matching framed print.

For a larger towel option, here's the Kraken's Revenge Beach Towel.  It makes me wish I needed a beach towel.

How awesome is this Tea Creature Mug?  Very.

I've posted some Octopus shower curtains before, but it seems there is no end of options for your cephalopodian curtain needs. Sea Creations Shower Curtain

This one only has a hint of tentacle, but I adore the swirling waves.  There's a matching travel bag, too.

Need a way to keep track of all your rings?  This Octopus can hold 'em for you.

I might just have a deep-seated need to own this Next Leg Of The Journey Luggage Tag.

I dare you to find a couch that wouldn't look better with a couple of these Octopuses chilling on it.

There you go.  I've solved the dilemma of what to buy for the person who loves octopi.


  1. The octopus is indeed a marvelous creature, one of many readily reminding us that God has a vivid imagination and a sense of humor. However, I don't know if I would be willing to drink my tea from that octopus cup. It just strikes me as...a little...creepy...

    1. That's why you serve it to your friends....and hope they don't drop the cup I suppose. :)

  2. Love the tea cup. Would not love trying to get tea stains off the octopus after awhile of USING the tea cup.