Monday, August 26, 2013

Fall/Winter Steampunk Sewing Patterns

Every time the pattern companies release something new that's steamy, I feel like it's Christmas. I don't even know WHY exactly, since sometimes I never USE the patterns, but I still love it.

 So, I talked about this on my facebook page, but haven't posted it here, but there's a new Simplicity Steampunk Pattern.

It was one of my reader's who alerted me to it, the day it was released.  I stopped that day at Joann's to try to buy it while patterns were on sale, but naturally they didn't have it yet.  I really like the skirts and the blouse.  The jacket is nice and some people may find the corset/corselet useful, but I don't personally see a use for them.

Butterick has just released their Winter line and good news!

First we have a new Edwardian ensemble.  This looks to be quite historically accurate, and would be a lovely ensemble for a historical event or to steampunk up.

And then they also have this Corset and Skirt pattern.  The "corset" looks more like a corset top from the photos, and the style doesn't do all that much for me.  But as a summer top, I guess it has potential.

The skirt on the other hand is FANTASTIC.  Check out the back view.   This is a style that is new and doesn't look like any existing pattern.  In fact, I might be talking myself down from making it for myself as I type.  (Someone hire me to make it for them...)


  1. Oh good lord.. that skirt... *love* You can make it for me! :)

  2. That Butterick skirt is the skirt we tried (and sadly failed) to create for my Steamcon ball gown last year! I'm telling you, it looks exactly like the beautiful skirt I pictured in my mind!