Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Announcing the Your Best 2172 Contest!

This is something I've thought about doing for a while now.  If you are a sewist and you're into steampunk, you can probably spot the Simplicity 2172 jacket from across a crowded convention hall.  I remember when the pattern was first released, and how EXCITING that jacket was.  So many steampunks who could sew ran out and made one.   I did.  And it soon became something of a game at steampunk gatherings (ok, at least it did for me): Spot The 2172!   I also play it on the internet and I've seen that design in a lot of fashion shoots.

So here's the idea...I'm having a contest for the best version of the Steampunk 2172 pattern!  

1. Your entry MUST include the coat from the Simplicity 2172 pattern.  The coat may be modified in any way, so long as it is still identifiable as the coat from the pattern.  Your entry DOES NOT need to include the skirt or bustier from the pattern to qualify.  It can, of course, but it's not essential.  (After all, a skirt with pleated trim isn't very unique.  The jacket is the iconic piece.)
2. You can have made your outfit at any time, past or during the run of the contest, so don't worry about that.
3. You must have made your outfit yourself, or with minor assistance.  Do not submit anything you paid someone else to make for you.
4. All entries must be submitted by Midnight on November 1st, 2013.
5. After November 1st, voting opens and will last for two weeks.

Their will be two winners: a Judge's Choice and Reader's Choice (more about that below.) Both will receive copies of all of the following sewing patterns, in their choice of sizes.  They will also get bragging writes and a graphic showing off their victory!

Simplicity 2172, Simplicity 1819, Simplicity 1732, Simplicity 2207, Simplicity 2895 and McCall's 6770   - All steampunk ensemble patterns.

Plus, a hardcopy of all my existing sewing patterns. (4 at the moment, but I expect to add one before the end of the contest, and that will be included.)

How to Enter:
I'm going to try to make this as fair and automated as possible.

1.The best way to enter is to use the InLinkz widget below.  Enter the URL for a page where everyone can see your creation.  Blog posts are ideal, or deviantart pages, or any other kind of page where we can see your entry.  Even a link to a photo album is fine.  Select or upload a thumbnail photo, the best picture of your entry.
2. If you don't have any URL for your entry, email me up to three pictures of your entry at the email address steamingenious (@)

How will the winner be selected?

Voting will open after November 1st.  Anyone can vote, only one vote per IP address.  The person who gets the most votes will be the Reader's Choice winner.

But this is my blog, and I want my opinion to matter, too.  So there will also be a Judge's Choice winner chosen by me.

I MAY choose runners up and may send out some extra prizes, but that depends on the entries received and how the contest goes.

Your Best 2172 Contest

I think that's everything.  Let me know if you have questions or concerns.  Enter via the widget below! And PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE share with any person or community you think would be interested.  I want us to have the best selection possible.  Use the graphic above to spread the word!

Note: Voting will begin only after all entries are received.  I didn't realize I couldn't do both at once.

UPDATE: I have added more to the prize package.  See this post.

I did try to contact Simplicity Patterns prior to running this contest, and received no reply to my inquiries.  All pattern rights belong to Simplicity and are their property.  


  1. This looks like fun! My local fabric chain is having a Simplicity pattern sale next week and this pattern is on my list to pick up.

    Will enter for sure. New to Steampunk but not sewing.

  2. I wish I could sew :( Looking forward to submissions though...

  3. I am sitting on this pattern, I even have my fabric here for it, but I am a novice sewer, so I'm terrified of stuffing it up. Maybe I'll put my brave pants on and have a go :)

    1. DO IT! Just take things one step at a time. If there's things you don't understand, I recommend looking for a YouTube video on it. The jacket isn't that complicated. The sleeves are the most difficult part and that's just cause sleeves are always a little hard.

    2. I shall tackle it! I just need to pick up some lining. If you don't see any piks it will because it didn't turn out well... lol

  4. If you've made more then one coat, can you enter more then once?

  5. Yay, I'm so excited! I bought my fabric over the weekend. I'll be blogging my progress (as soon as I make any)!

  6. I have been not starting one of these for over a year. It's the most complex pattern I've ever tried and a bit intimidating. I'm hoping that this contest gives me the motivation to get working on it. I do have a technical question though, if I don't want the pockets can I use the front panel liner piece to draft them out? Or do I need to cut and paste the other pieces to remove them? Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks- Vixi
    You can find some of my steamy adventures on my blog:

    1. It's been a while since I made the coat, but I'm pretty sure you can use the liner piece as the exterior to remove the pocket.

      Consider joining my steampunk blog link-up to share any content on your blog! It's here.

    2. Just finished joining the link-up. Thanks for inviting me.
      I actually put together my mock-up last night. The lining worked fine but I did have a (pretty major) sizing issue . . . I made it up in size 22 (approx. 1/2in seams)as I usually fall between an 18 and a 20, but put together it was closer to a 16 (my wife tried it on and it fit her beautifully with the back laced). Does this pattern run small in the larger sizes? Any ideas on expanding it (without having to re-draft the entire thing)?
      Thanks again - Vixi

    3. Did you check the measurements on the sizing chart. Pattern sizing tends to run smaller than off the rack clothing.

      You should be able to add a few inches at the side seams without it affecting the fit much. Although that will cause some problems with the sleeves so you need to work that out as well.

  7. This is great! I would very much like to participate, but I live in Finland and I just bought the pattern and from my experiences about shipping between US and Finland, its going to take several weeks to get here.


    I probably wouldn't make it in time :(

    By the way, is it okay to enter if I live in Finland? Just in case I might through some miracle get the pattern in time ;)

  8. You are right the pattern is amazing especially the coat. Sewed the pattern last year and would like to attend your contest. Is it okay to attend with my blog post in German? Which looks like this:

    1. Yes, it's fine that your site is in German, go ahead and add your link above. :)

  9. Its this pattern and orhers like it I found on your blog that inspired me to take a dressmaking course so I can make this....for my wife, who paid for the course.

    It was mark off the sewing bee program that also gave me the conviction to do it. If a engineer like him can do it so can I.

    Might take me too long though to enter though and I have very little skill in selecting fabric, thats harder than the sewing machine.

  10. Here's a link to a version I made, very shortly after the pattern was released. The customer brought me the pattern and I made it up. I made a couple of changes, the fabrics were all bought from a market near my home on clearance, so I can never make the same version again.

  11. Hi there! I just entered my jacket in your contest. Nothing like last-minute-ing something to make you actually do it! Thanks so much for encouraging everyone to share their own versions of this awesome pattern. Honestly, you can get most major-brand patterns for cheap if you wait for the sale, but the chance to show off to others who appreciate what you've accomplished can't be beat.

    It looks like the link for number 12 "crosses in silver" is broken. Is there any way to contact the seamstress and let her know? Her jacket looks beautiful and I'd love to see it more closely.

    1. Nice! I'll look into #12 and see if I can email her. Thanks for pointing it out!