Friday, August 30, 2013

Announcements: New Steam Ingenious Pattern and Upcoming Events

I'm skipping Friday Finds this week because I have some announcements I want to get in ASAP.

First, I have a new sewing pattern available for sale.

It's for a military style Garrison Cap or Sidecap.

I developed the pattern from an existing US Army cap, and it's sized for Small, Medium, and Large heads.

  Although it's fairly easy to find caps like this in standard military colors, the awesome thing about having a pattern for them is that you can make them in any fabric and with any embellishment.  So you can make a cap to match your outfit, with contrast piping.

 Or use a really out-there fabric pattern, like I did with this hat, that my husband quickly claimed.  The possibilities are endless and making these has proved a bit addictive.

You can buy the pattern at Etsy OR at my new pattern store on Craftsy.  Craftsy is actually a better place to buy the patterns from my point of view because they don't take a cut of the sale.  But whichever is more convenient for you.

Upcoming Events

For various reasons, I'm not able to attend as many events this year as I would like.  But I'm using the time to develop patterns and new products, so it's ok.  But I do miss events.

The only vending event I'm doing for the rest of this year is the Steampunk November party put on by Cut, Thrust and Run on November 9, 2013.  Think of a big party out in the country, with bands, performers, vendors, a BYOB bar.... It should be a great time.  I highly recommend anyone in Texas to try to make it out.

I'll also be attending a gathering at the same location on September 14-15th.  It's a fundraiser for the party, and it's a weekend of steampunks coming together to work on their costumes and help anyone new to sewing, etc.  I'll have my sewing patterns there for sale and whatever other items I have on hand.  For more details, see this facebook event.


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  2. that is a cute hat! I love the brocade looking fabric too. will you have this style of hat (not the pattern) for sale on etsy? In your copius amounts of spare time perhaps? lol

    1. Yes, I will be making some to sell, and taking custom orders for them. If my husband hadn't ganked the brocade one already, I'd put it up. :)