Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday Finds: Steampunk Summer Clothing

Summer can be a difficult season in which to wear steampunk clothing.  It's easy to find lots of amazing jackets and coats, but what do we do in summer?  Here are some suggestions.

A camisole is a wonderfully cool choice, like this Edwardian cotton and lace camisole.  They look particularly good under a corset.

Speaking of corsets, I'll wear mine in all weather, but for an ultimate summer corset, try a mesh corset.  They're hard to find outside a few couture makers, but you can try this Sheer Morticia underbust from What Katie Did.

Skirts are cool, especially if they're made of cotton.  Even long skirts can still work for summer.  Try hiking them up some with something like these Rosette Garter Straps or some skirt hikes, like the ones I sell. (Currently sold out, unfortunately.)

For the daring, how about a net petticoat as outerwear?  Perhaps with some mini-bloomers underneath?

Bloomers are an awesome summer option for ladies, too.  Bloomers come in all lengths and styles, from plain and sturdy to frilly and fancy, like these on ebay.

Or these awesome striped ones. One of these days I'm going to make myself a pair for relaxed steampunk lounging.

For the ultimate in summer wear, how about a period swimsuit?  I adore this one from Steampunk Emporium.

For men, how about some knickerbockers? Steampunk Emporium has some.

For steampunk summer shoe options, see my post here.  And for more of my thoughts on steampunk in the summer, see my post from earlier in the week.

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