Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday Finds: Some of My Favorite Men's Outfits

My husband is begging me to make him a new, stunning steampunk outfit. He wants it to be a real attention-grabber. Here are some of my favorite attention-grabbing male steampunk outfits.

Photo by Cynthia K.

This outfit is remarkable as a result of the color.  First, it uses a very bright color, which is always welcome in steampunk.  Secondly, the color is so well coordinated that it can't help but be striking.

This is David aka Lazuli Delacru of Vile Victorian Productions, a friend of mine from the Texas community.  He's known for his great armor, but I love the combination of Victorian fashion with post-apocalyptic armor that he pulls off.  Also here is another outfit with vivid colors and great color coordination. Also he's holding an owl.

Photo by Ardias.

This gentleman has gone for a very military look, but his uniform is made all from leather, which automatically makes it 50% more steampunk.

I love this outfit because it is so very Victorian, and because it's different from a lot of men's steampunk outfits.  It makes me happy in my Jerome K. Jerome loving heart.  This is apparently a gentleman named Nick Picard or Glamourdandy.

French steampunk artist Maurice Grunbaum.  Again we have color, some stunning armor pieces, and great incorporation of non-Western dress.

So there are some examples of men's outfits that go beyond the "vest, top hat, and goggles" cliche.  Not that there's anything wrong with a simple outfit.


  1. How great all these outfits are! Each with their own charm. But my vote goes to David, because, owl. :)

    Thank you for bringing us all these stunning gentlemen!

  2. I love the first and the fourth! White and blue are definitely my favourite colours at the moment! You should see the stack of white and blue material I have waiting for me!

  3. I'll be interested to see the evolution of the new outfit. Is he/are you planning a military style or an eccentric gentleman style? The mind boggles at the design opptions!
    boringlibrarian in Waco

    1. It's going to be a dandified, colorful, loud pattern style of outfit. Still working out the details, especially trying to find the right fabric, which is proving difficult.