Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Examples of Summer Steampunk Part 2

Miss Valentina

Gorgeous use of color and it looks really comfortable.

Author Gail Carriger

Author Gail Carriger (on the right) takes a stab at a warm weather steampunk outfit.  Looks like she's gone for sheers, a short skirt, stockings, and a parasol.

Ayra Leona of Ruffles and Steam

Ayra Leona of the Tumblr Blog Ruffles and Steam shows off one of her steampunk lolita outfits.  I highly recommend her site for steampunk lolita inspiration.

asunder on deviantart

I adore this outfit.  The colors, the simplicity...everything just works.  Short skirt, tank top, airy shawl...what's not to love.  In fact, it was this photo that inspired me to get a light shawl for my own outfit.

Photo by Epbot

Here's probably the best steampunk saloon girl costume I've ever seen (on the left). She's dripping with details and gear, but she still looks prepared for some heat.  This is a great example of adopting a style appropriate for summer.  

Photo by Orla

And finally, gentlemen, here's what I have for you.  Yes, it's the old rolled up sleeves with a vest outfit.  There aren't many times when I feel like women get the more comfortable deal out of fashion, but when it comes to steampunk summer clothing, it seems we do.  From searching all my photos of guys in steampunk gear, I have to assume that you all live in very cold places or you are secretly suffering heatstroke all the time.


  1. Summer gear for men: kilts. Especially utilikilts or something similar.

    1. THANK YOU! This just goes to show I can miss some obvious things. My husband isn't into wearing kilts and that made me totally forget that option. Yes. If I were a guy, I'd be wearing utilikilts in the summer.