Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday Finds: Steampunk Summer Shoes

Temperatures are soaring, at least they are here in Texas.  Wearing steampunk costume in the heat is always a trial, but if there's one item of costume that is the most annoying in summer it is steampunk footwear.  Steampunk footwear is almost always boots of some sort.  They look so cool!  But they won't keep your feet cool in 100 degree weather.

So what are some alternatives?  I've found a few for you.

One option is to go for a gladiator style sandal.  They even come in metallic colors that might work really well with your outfit. This one is the Ships Ahoy Sandal from ModCloth in rose-gold.

How about this sandal full of buckles?  I admit that white with pink soles isn't typical steampunk, but I adore the style.  Strap to It from ModCloth.

These In Shining Armour sandals will certainly draw attention.  The pastel blush color may blend with your skin, making the mirrored metal plates seem to float.  The zipper up the back is another industrial detail.

Say you need something a little more Victorian.  Check out these Cranberry Candy Flats.  They have boot styling, with Victorian-esque cutouts along the top.  If they came in black, I would have bought these months ago.  As it is, I'm still very tempted.

There are all kinds of flats you could wear with your steampunk outfit.  I really like these because of the multiple straps and buckles, and the worn finish.  Glam-tiques Roadshow by Bass.

Here's another great flat that screams steampunk to me. But I have a documented THING for Mary Janes and ankle straps.  My Gal-livanting Flat in Tan.

For a historically accurate shoe, I adore these Edwardian Gibson shoes from American Duchess.  It comes in black and ivory as well, and there's some imperfect specimens on sale for half price right now!

And how about this feminine (and breezy) take on the spectator?  23 Skidoo Spectator T-strap by American Duchess, from their 1920s line.

And finally, the shoes I really want, these designer gold gladiator sandals.  I can't find an actual source for these, but I'm pretty sure they're just dream shoes anyway.  (Not to mention they're probably stiletto heels I can't wear.)

Gentlemen, I have bad news.  You're probably going to have to cope with wearing boots.  Maybe some spectator shoes or other low style.

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