Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday Finds: Steampunk Knitting Patterns

Before I had ever used a sewing machine, I was a knitter.  I still knit, mostly from a positive compulsion to keep my hands busy at all times.  I've tried several times to add in pieces of my knitting to my steampunk outfits. I've just finished a new lightweight lace shawl to keep my shoulders warm when wearing my patch corset in air-conditioning.  To celebrate, I'm sharing some steamy knitting patterns.

First of all, I have to mention the book Needles and Artifice, an entire book of fantastic steampunk knitting patterns.  I reviewed it previously.  I've also posted about steampunk knitting before, back in the very early days of this blog.

His Lordship's Steampunk Mitts by Sweet P Designs - Free downloadable pattern for some nice men's fingerless gloves.  In case you haven't experienced them, fingerless gloves are great cold-weather gear for all those times you need your fingers, but your hands are still cold.  I wear them around the house in the winter, and my husband wears his in the office to type.

Well-Heeled Spatterdashers by Strange Hours Designs - There are actually a LOT of knitting patterns for spats and they all have pros and cons.  I've actually made this pattern for a friend.  The pattern is well-written, and more complex than it seems.  The stitch pattern is different and not at all boring.  Plus, I like the contrast edging.

9 Days to Departure by Jessika Lane - This sweater screams aviator, but also has a very nice feminine shape.   I've never seen anything else like it, which is always a plus.

Evening Spencer Jacket by Corrina Ferguson - This jacket from Jane Austin Knits would be great over a corset with a steampunk outfit.  Although the period of Jane Austen is a little early for steampunk, these modern takes on Regency styles work well for our purposes.  I made the diamond and cross reticule from one issue and am planning on making some above-the-elbow gloves from another.

Involute by Lana Holden - Finally, how about a giant gear to finish?  This full-circular cape/poncho is a giant gear.  I'm really tempted to make this even though I don't know when I'd wear it.  It's described as "challenging."  Hmm.

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  1. I wish I had the dedication to follow through with this. Your very talented.