Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Finds: The Best Quick Steampunk Clothing Refashion Tutorials

Since most steampunks find at least part of their costumes at thrift stores, what could be more useful than tutorials for taking thrift store clothing and making it more steampunk?  These are also great for people putting together their first steampunk outfit.

Making Knickers from Thrift Store Pants by Sempstress  - This is a simple process of cutting and cuffing pants to make knickers.  What a great summer steampunk option!

Making a fake front fall on modern pants - Also by the brilliant Sempstress, this tutorial takes you through how to add a nice front fall to modern pants.  The look of a front fall really ups the steampunk level of your outfit.  Plus, according to my husband you can keep things in there.

Upcycled Hobbit Vest Tutorial by Autnott on Deviantart - This shows you how to make a vest from an old button-up shirt.  This is a good lightweight alternative to a heavier vest.

Cowboy Hat to Top Hat by All Things Crafty - This is one of my favorite tutorials I've found recently.  I have several old cowboy hats lying around that I've found at yard sales and this is a fantastic way to make them special.  Also, this blogger is a member of the Texas steampunk community and I had no idea she had such a great blog.

 DIY Steampunk Pocket Belt by Gail Carriger - Gail Carriger doesn't just write awesome steampunk books, she also makes great steampunk items like this pocket belt made from cargo shorts.

Anyone done any other notable thrift store clothing upgrades?  Know of any other tutorials?  Share in the comments!


  1. I'm not "crafty" and I don't have a sewing machine, but I LOVE the pocket belt. Here's one I think I can do! Thanks for posting this!

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    1. Especially for hot summer days - I like to wear unlined vests with lacy sleeves upcycled from old curtains and a fake shirt front. I don't know the english word for it - but if you find a nice blouse with a great collar that fits, but the rest of the shirt doesn't, you can cut off the shoulders and sideseams, seam the remaining front and back and wear it under a vest or corset. If you attach a ribbon or elastic at middle front and back to attach to your corset or bh, it won't slip. You can reuse the sleeves or cuffs too.
      This might bo an old trick to you, I'm relatively new to all things steampunk and just found your blog - and I love it, thank you!.