Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday Finds: My Favorite Octopus Themed Products

My airship is called Airship Octavia.  It's pretty clear I'm a fan of octopuses.  And they have an interesting connection to the steampunk genre that's both widely acknowledged and little explained.   Is it just the Jules Verne connection?  Or is there just something OTHER about octopuses that appeals to our aesthetic sensibility.  Whatever the reason, steampunks can't get enough of the octopus.

I LUST after this Kraken Rum Umbrella.  It's the tentacle hand-grip that gets me.

I don't have the open wall space for these giant tentacle decals, but I wish I did.

For the octopus loving dapper gentleman (or tie-wearing lady), this is perfect gift.  Look how cute he is with his top hat and his moustache!

I adore the color in this shower curtain!

Out of all these items, the only one I own is this adorable Coolamari Octopus Ice Tray  I found one in a gift shop in the mountains of Maui, of all places, and HAD to have it.

I love this brass etched octopus wallet/cigarette holder.  The perfect item for carrying your cards or sundries while costumed.

This classic octopus is available on T-shirts and pillows in a range of colors.

Finally, an item that's been tempting me for a while now.  I just love this octopus ring.

That's it for today.  I'll be behind my booth at Comicpalooza in Houston all weekend, so come out and say hi if you can!

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