Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday Finds: DIY Steampunk Decor

Last week I brought you some of my favorite steampunk decor creations.  This week, I'm sharing some projects that are a little more achievable for the average DIYer.

Cover a Cheap Shelf in Leather and Brass Tacks - This is a really great, detailed tutorial on upholstering a bookshelf with leather.  Step by step photographs included.  Personally I might not cover EVERY surface of a shelf, but I'm definitely considering covering the outside surfaces.

Using tin tiles or faux tin tiles to cover a dishwasher, fridge, or other appliance.   -This link isn't a tutorial, but just a couple of examples.  In a related idea, check out the use of foam ceiling tiles that look like tin tiles in this Epbot post.

Add feet, fabric, and paint to a boring bookcase.  -This is a great way to add class and flair to your home.  Plus, I found the actual original post for this image, not the fake blog that was pinned so many times.

Cheap DIY Apothecary Jars - Great steamy detail, easy and cheap to make.

Soda Bottle Bell Jars - Now this is SUPER cheap DIY decor, but they look really good!

DIY Orb Chandelier - A great and surprisingly easy way to update an existing chandelier with cheap hanging baskets.

Bedspring Pendant Lights - These lights are made using a simple pendant lamp with Edison bulb and old bedsprings.  But it would be pretty easy to use any kind of heavy gauge wire to do something similar.

Thrift store frames+wood boxes=gorgeous storage - This is one of my favorite ideas.  I have a couple of plain, ugly display boxes designed to hang on the wall and I need to find the right size frames to go over them to make them stunning.

This Campaign Style Makeover of a cheap Ikea Dresser shows what can be done to furniture just by adding the right hardware.

For more ideas and inspiration, check out my Steampunk Home Decor and Furniture Finishing Pinterest Boards.

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