Monday, May 20, 2013

Free Steampunk Fonts Part Three

Nelson Old Newspaper - This is a neat, different font.  Apparently the lowercase letters are just background text.

Type Keys - This font includes a regular and filled in version.
Harting - A nice faded type.

Coffee Tin - Nice decorative lettering.

Rough Tuscan - I like this one because it's fairly simple, but also has ornate details.

Antique No. 14 - Readable but stylish.

Baketvalley Old Face - An all lowercase smudged type.

Ampad  - No such thing as too many flourishes.

Prida - A very nice semi-nouveau font.

Bu Oscar Diggs - The differences between the upper and lowercase letters in this one are neat.

Subway Novella - Another all-purpose distressed type.

Antihero - Clean but with a good Old West feel.

BelleFont Nouveau - Sometimes you need an art deco font.

Hoedown - A little more Western than "Antihero".

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