Monday, March 25, 2013

Twelve More Steampunk Fonts

While downloading some fonts onto my husbands netbook, I one again got sucked into looking at fonts.  Which means you get another compilation of the best steampunk fonts I could find.  Looking at hundreds of fonts and asking yourself, "Is this steampunk?" is an interesting exercise.  You have to start thinking about what a steampunk style really is, at its core.  I decided steampunk included some combination of the following attributes: antique, distressed, and elaborate.

Fleet Street - This font looks like old newspaper headline print.  Simple but antiquated.

Admiration Pains -This may look impossible to read, but with only the first letter of each word capitalized, it looks really neat.

Arrr Matey BB - A pirate-y font.

Moonshiner Sharp - Another bold title font, this would be great for advertisements.

Old Printing Press - I adore this distressed and messy typeface.

Handwriting Draft - I love the barely there drafting lines in this one.

Renny Hybrid - Elegant, antique, and modern.

Ornamental Versals - For that Victorian storybook feel.

Feathergraphy Decoration - Elaborate calligraphy with a touch of attitude.

Sucker Font - Yes, I realize this is a version of the Sucker Punch font, and I try to avoid movie fonts, but this font is too great to pass up.  Also, it's not ultra-recognizable.

Crimson Petal - A book/miniseries font (The Crimson Petal and the White). I like the rounded and distressed type.

Geared Up - Speaks for itself a bit, don't it?

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