Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Moment of Egocentricity

I have several posts that I intend to make in the near future, but most of them require me to get some pictures taken first.  So I'm going to indulge myself a bit and post a few recent photos of myself at various events.  And because of the weather recently, this is a bit of a tour of my warm weather steampunk options.
Ok, not so recent.  Sherwood Forest Faire, March 2012
This is a variant of one of my outfits with a sleeveless version of the coat from the Simplicity 2172 pattern instead of a bolero.  However, I was very uncomfortably hot this day, and I think it's because the coat was made with two layers of polyester and having it covering so much of me was stifling.  This is why it's important to line things in cotton.

Texas Renaissance Festival Oct 2012

Part of my intent when I made this outfit was to have a warm weather option.  The skirts are short and  very full, and pulled up on both sides.  The corset leaves my shoulders bare.  The real problem is that I'm wearing knee high vinyl boots, so all the coolness I gain from the short skirts is lost.  But the boots look too good to leave off.  (Plus they were really cheap.)

TRF, Oct 2012

And some from the Showdown at Unobtainium.  The weather was warm and muggy, so my black and silver outfit got something of a makeover.  I clipped the skirt up to encourage airflow and left off the bolero.  This corset is pretty revealing in the bust, though, so for decency's sake, I had to cover myself with a hand-knit shawl.  The pin is something I bought at the event.  It's a sheriff's badge with an octopus on it.  The interesting thing is how many compliments I got wearing this outfit this way.  I think it went well with the environment of a dusty Old West mining camp.
Showdown at Unobtainium, Nov 2012
TRF, October 2011
The actual coolest of my steampunk outfits is my Victorian Bustle Dress, actually.  It's made entirely of thin cotton, so it breathes.  I couldn't wear it to any recent events because the corset that goes under it was busted (I wear it daily and I snapped the busk in half) and I hadn't had time to remake it.

If you're wondering why my husband is wearing a coat in 80 degree weather, and if he ever rolls up his sleeves, all I can say is that he is a little crazy.  And really likes cuff links.


  1. Great outfits! I love the hand-knit shawl. May I ask what pattern you used? Sherwood and TRF are always so much fun, but unfortunately we moved overseas before getting to go to Showdown.

  2. Fantastic, thank you! It's now number 88 in my queue. :)