Wednesday, October 31, 2012

New Sewing Patterns - Fall/Winter 2012

Vogue has released its Winter/Holiday patterns and there are a few of possible note.

V8858 - Is a skirt with lots of cascading ruffles.  It's difficult to really classify, but I could see it with a steampunk outfit.
V8849 - I originally noted this pattern because I thought it was a shirt with a bustle-like tail, but actually it's a dress.  I might use just the bustle-y fall on something, though.
V8866 - This suit features a jacket with a nice ruffly peplum.  The jacket would work very nicely with many steampunk outfits.
V8868 - This is a strange collection of "hats" that are actually various styles of fascinators.  I'm not clear on what the pattern actually includes, since mostly these are various combinations of feathers, flowers, and veiling, but they might be useful?
V8869 - A collection of men's hats, a couple of fedoras and a newsboy hat.

The only pattern with the slightest steampunk interest in the new McCall's patterns is this pattern for various hats and gloves.  The large sun hat and the military cap might have some steamy use, but you can probably find free patterns online.

Butterick hasn't released anything for Winter yet, but in their last batch they had an 1837-1840s dress that might be interesting for someone looking for a very early Victorian style. (I actually held this post hoping Butterick would put up new patterns.  Which means it will probably happen tomorrow.)

Simplicity meanwhile continues to create for the steampunk audience.
1732 Misses Costume Coat - Is a really nice Victorian styled coat good for steampunk or everyday wear.  It also has three different lengths.  If I had any need for a new winter coat (or, you know, ANY winter coat, really) I'd be all over this.
1772 Misses Steampunk Costume - So...this pattern was released a couple of months ago and I complained about it on facebook, but didn't post it to this blog.  I really, really dislike it.  I don't see much about it that is steampunk.  Possibly goth.  Corpse bride, maybe.  But...this is not up to the level of their other steampunk costume and really reads like an attempt to capitalize on the success of their other steampunk patterns.  Some people have disagreed with me and said they like this.  And that's ok. But I don't think it is very steampunk.  I don't know.  Maybe it could be.  But I don't like the example dresses and until I see someone make something awesome from this pattern, I will continue to dislike it.
1745 It's So Easy Men's and Boy's vests  - These are nice double breasted vests, although I wish they included a collar option.  The "It's so easy" patterns are good for beginners, though, and are cheaper, so this might be a good beginner vest pattern.

New Look
6166 - Misses and Men's Vests - These are some very attractive vests for men and women.  As a matter of fact, the men's styles are some of the best steampunk vests I've seen in a pattern.  This is a MUST BUY.  (Hi, I hadn't seen this before and I'm excited!)

Burda Style
7151 - This pantsuit includes a tuxedo style jacket for women, something I know people have looked for in the past.
7154 - This is a cape pattern for a long or short evening cape, no hood.
7156 - Historic Undergarments - I'm puzzled by this pattern.  It's a chemise, drawers, and "corselette" and they call it "medieval."  I'm not sure, well, WHY?  And what is a corselette with "sewn-in stays"?  It looks like a mid-bust Victorian corset pattern to me, but whether it's any good is a different question.  I would avoid this on the principle of "I'm pretty sure these people can't tell one time period from another."


  1. I was just ogling these patterns last night!

  2. What a useful bit of information - thanks!

  3. Flamenco skirt - they're beautiful but look difficult to create