Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Dieselpunk Aviator Hat Sewing Pattern

I have a brand new sewing pattern for sale today!

It's a pattern for a Dieselpunk* Aviator Hat.

Like all my patterns it comes with a full-sized printable pattern and a set of instructions with full color step-by-step photos.   I'm calling this an intermediate level pattern because it requires more comfort sewing than my other patterns, which are good for beginners.  The extreme curved seams of this hat make for slightly challenging sewing.

This has definitely been the most difficult pattern for me to develop so far.  I was starting essentially from scratch, looking at pictures of various styles of aviator hats and a few minimal tutorials.  So there was a lot of experimentation and frustration.  I've been working on this pattern off and on since about March, I think.  Ultimately, I think I ended up with a pretty good pattern.  With it you can create a hat that really fits your individual head.  It comes in three sizes to fit heads from 19-24" around.

The pattern is on sale on my etsy for $5 for a downloadable and printable pattern.

* Or steampunk.  Airship pirates need headgear, too!

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