Thursday, September 6, 2012

Corset Links Roundup

I collect links like its my religion, but I don't actually post them here on the blog much.  I typically consider there are better places to post links, like Pinterest and Facebook.  But I've got so many good corset related links that I have been meaning to post them for y'all.

General Corset Info:
Video Comparing the Shape of a Cheap Corset with a Custom Corset- When you want to know why you can't get a real waist reduction with a cheap off-the-rack corset, this is why.
Corsets, Lungs, and Breathing Video - Excellent informative video that covers how breathing works, what groups of muscles are used, and what a corset does and does not impair when it comes to breathing.
How to Lace a Corset - Several different ways to lace a corset and WHY they are used.
FairyGothmother on the difference between real quality corsets and cheap ebay knockoffs.  With video and pictures of the exact same corsets, real and knockoff on models.  This is why anyone who knows corsets can identify a cheap ebay/Chinese made knockoff corset from across the room.
The difference between corsets, waist cinchers, corselets, and swiss waists - An excellent article on a confusing topic.
Corsets in Print - A great post busting some corset myths by Dragonfly Designs.
Dispelling the Myth of the Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Waist - A great article about the myth of tiny waists
What Everyone Should Know About Wearing a Victorian Corset - Lots of good info here, although I don't personally agree with everything.
Everything You Know About Corsets is False - My personal favorite of the corset myth-busting articles. It includes a great brief history of corset styles.
4 Myths about Waist Training - Good info about the most common questions about tightlacing and waist training.
How to Care for Your Corset - Good tips for general corset case, while you are wearing it.
With and Without: How Wearing a Corset Affects You and Your Clothes- An excellent article on the importance of wearing a corset under period clothing, with lots of good info about what corsets do to your figure and how corsets were actually worn and why.

Corset-Making Tutorials:
Sidney Eileen's Corsetmaking Tutorials - They are fantastic.  She has lots of different ones on all aspects of corsetmaking, so you should check them out.
Waisted Creations Alternate Busk-Insertion Tutorial
Katafalk's Folded Seam Method Tutorial -That's what I call that method.  It's an excellent tutorial on the subject, probably better than mine.
Katafalk's Custom Underbust Pattern Drafting Tutorial - I haven't used this, but it looks good.
Making a Custom Corset Pattern by wrapping yourself with duct tape
Foundations Revealed Guide to Drafting a Custom Corset Pattern - This is THE guide for custom corset pattern drafting.
A really helpful diagram of how to neatly fold bias trim corners in from Bridges on the Body.

EDIT: This is really great collection of every link you will ever need as a corsetmaker by Sidney Eileen

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